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November 08, 2011


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I am of course, so sorry to hear this. As a stage IV bc cancer patient, I followed her blog. She seemded like an AWESOME woman - one much braver than I.

with love,

laura vigiano

dear mitchell,
i am so sorry for your loss. and the world's loss. i am crying. i didn't know wave was dying. i've been self-absorbed and now reading her blog and knowing she has gone i feel my life will change out of respect for how she lived her life; she taught me so much in the little time we knew each other. i love you wave, darling. you will always be remembered and never forgotten. i will sing and dance and plant plants and love more generously because you showed me how precious life is and how to live with love.

Karen Baker

Dear Mitchell,

I'm another with stage IV breast cancer who followed Wave's blog for the last year since my diagnosis with mets.

So sad to hear of her passing. My thoughts are with you and her family at this time.


Friends; Wave passed away Friday Nov.4 at 11:40 pm. Mitchell was by her side, and she was surrounded by loved friends who kept vigil with her all day until she passed, and after. She died with tremendous grace and dignity; in peace with her life and her transition. She traveled the paths of her illness with clarity and courage and approached this new journey with the same spirit. We are all devastated at our loss, but so very grateful to have had her in our lives. You will live in our hearts forever Wave. Beautiful journeys dear friend.


Enjoy your new place Wave. I can hear you singing now, and am humming along with you. I will never forget you.


Dear Mitchell,
Sending our condolences to you. Reading Waves blog I wish I got to know her better. again, so sorry for your/everyones loss.
Gwen and Barry Greenberg


Dear Mitchell,
I am so sorry to hear about Wave. I don't even have the words to express my feelings. Wave was such a force of nature and I am so glad to have known her when I did. I know how much she has always loved you and I am so glad to hear that you were still together. My condolences.

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