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September 27, 2011


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you are always always in my thoughts wave. i learn so much from you.


Dear Wave, listen; you can leave when you want to. It is all of us who want you to stay, we are selfish. But you can do whatever is right for you. Mitchell is going to be the hardest hit; but he is going to be the hardest hit however you leave. We'll look after him as best we can. Don't feel that you have to do ANYTHING for us. Do this in your way, as you feel is right. I completely understand, and I'm sure all your friends do, even though some might have a hard time dealing with it. We love you. I love you. The important thing is that you are the most comfortable you can be in this most uncomfortable of all situations. And for heavens sake, don't worry about me visiting! If it feels right, then yes. If you are too tired and overwhelmed then no. It's all about you right now, please just melt into that. Love love love.

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